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Specialty Services

In order to finish, maintain and protect your interiors and exteriors, Stoneberg Painting offers a range of professional services including: Finish Application Selection, Drywall, Epoxy Floors, Power Washing, and Decks. Please view our listings below or call Darrin to discuss which of our professional services will best meet your project goals.


With the myriad of choices today, choosing the right product and finish for your job can become overwhelming! Let Stoneberg painting relieve that pressure.  We will work with you: discussing your needs, wants, and application requirements. At the completion of this, you will have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision that will work for you and your distinct needs.


How easily drywall can be finished all begins with how well it was hung in the first place. Professional tapers can make the finish process look very simple, but many who have tried will testify, there is indeed an art to it. 

The type of texture selected plays a vital role in how a room looks and feels style wise, it also impacts the overall appearance of the finished paint job. From patching and blending to a wall of studs that needs to be finished and ready for trim - Stoneberg Painting can do it all, start to finish!


When looking at floor coatings, you'll find a multitude of options. The key element that all have in common however, is that proper surface preparation is of the utmost importance. There are a variety of choices based on the level of protection and desired finish. Stoneberg Painting will listen to your goals and offer options best suited to your individualized project.


Power washing can be used for a variety of tasks. Most commonly used as a quick and efficient way to clean a surface - High pressure water combined with the properly selected cleaning agent will result in a very clean and, in some cases, even restored surface.

In the hands of a experienced professional, power washing can also be an efficient way to strip and remove paint.  (Please be aware, this method when not combined with proper knowledge can become more destructive than useful as high pressure can also destroy both wood and concrete surfaces.)

Stoneberg painting commonly uses pressure washing to to effectively clean surfaces or restore wood prior to applying a stain or paint.  


We also provide power washing as a separate service to assist you in efficiently cleaning:​​

  • Siding: Steel/Vinyl

  • Roofing: Asphalt/Steel

  • Concrete: Driveways/Sidewalks


Mother Nature can wreak havoc on our decks, especially here in the Upper Midwest! Most stain manufactures recommend decks be coated once a year or every other at the least. Unfortunately, very few of us maintain our decks this vigorously and later require a more invasive preparation process prior to the addition of a new stain or sealant.  

If you have a wood deck, fence or siding that is in need of a refresh or refinish, contact Darrin to discuss the options available and to find the selection best suited to your project.  

  • Semi-Transparent or Solid Body Stains

  • Oil or Latex 

  • Sealants

  • Restore Coatings

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